Gotta Catch 'Em All!... Preferably while I still have a source of income

So due to some recent public service reshuffling, it seems that me and most of my colleagues will probably be out of a job come the new year (bully for us). As is generally the case when I’m placed in a stressful situation that I need to acknowledge and deal with: I’m choosing not to. Instead I am channeling my energy and money (while I have it) into my current obsession – Pokemon. I’m a 24 year old girl and I love Pokemon; and apparently these days that doesn’t make me a weirdo, or even particularly unique.

I’ve loved Pokemon from the moment I was first introduced to it, as a 9 or 10 year old kid watching Cheese TV before school. I was pretty much raised by Television, as were many kids from my generation, so TV before school was A-OK in my household. I remember watching the first episode and after that I was hooked… and obsessed. Being a child with no actual income of my own (as well as being from Australia, another massive disadvantage Pokemon-wise) my collection was pretty meager at first, but over the next few years it grew. I had a decent collection of Tomy figurines, stickers, key-rings and miscellaneous merchandise and toys. My biggest collection however was undoubtedly my Pokemon Cards; I had a full set of the original release, most of the Jungle deck and a smattering of other cards, mainly from the Rocket and Fossil series. I was part of an underground syndicate of kids, engaging in illegal trading behind the school toilets (Pokemon cards were banned at my school after too many fights broke out over trades and the like :P). I was, in a word: Obsessed.

However, as life is wont to do, time passed and I grew up. Unfortunately upon entering High School my interest in Pokemon waned, and was replaced by new obsessions. During the ‘teenage adjustment period’ liking anything remotely ‘babyish’ or ‘juvenile’ was simply grounds for ostracism and so I moved on to other, more ‘mature’ interests. Being a hoarder however, my collection remained intact over the years, at the bottom of a cupboard (save for some of my card collection which was siphoned off to my younger brother).

It was around about my senior year when everything seemed to change. Suddenly, as if overnight, it was ‘cool’ to be a nerd of some kind. Suddenly it wasn’t grounds for social ostracism if you wanted to dress up like your favourite Marvel superhero and hang out at a convention, it was actually deemed to be pretty damn awesome. Suddenly collecting pop-culture merchandise became something to be proud of, not something to hide. I call this the age of enlightenment, and it was awesome. Suddenly I felt I could be completely open about my many (previously uncool) obsessions. Suddenly being a mature-age fan of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, anime, and yes… Pokemon was just fine with the world. I was elated, and my interest was once again peaked.

Since that point I’ve been collecting the games again (I own Pearl, Platinum and Black, yet to buy Black 2), I’ve attempted to dig up my old, somewhat aged collection of merchandise and I’ve tentatively picked up a few additions to my collection at various conventions. However it was checking out the current market that really spurred me into action, as a HUGE Eevee and Eeveelutions fan the current influx of merchandise was clearly too tempting to ignore. So now I’m obsessed, channeling my current stress and nervous energy into a quest to catch em all, to borrow a phrase. Realistically I won’t be ‘catching them all’ but I have a few ‘desperately want’ items I’m hoping to get my hands on.

I’ve started this account as a means to join a community of other collectors, as unfortunately none of my current friends or acquaintances share my interest in Pokemon. I did however spend a good hour last weekend (while slightly… a lot drunk) trying to teach my friend all the words to the Pokemon theme song. I don’t think she was impressed :(.

Whatever, I think it’s great *hums away*.

I'll post a bit of an overview of my current collection later on, and maybe a list of wants... but there are oh so many :(


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